The name Dulcenea was derived from the novel Don Quixote; it was Don Quixote’s true love. Dulcinea Del Toboso was a simple peasant woman whom doesn’t make much of a presence in the novel but she is an important force because she summarizes Don Quixote’s conception of the prefect women.

Our Mission

Duclenea’s mission to women is to reach perfection with simple yet elegant intimate apparel.  

Our Inspiration

Founded March 2005 by Anel Utajara, Dulcenea was an inspirational dream to create something that would make women look and feel beautiful in their simplest state. The patterns are handcrafted to adhere to very high quality standards that every woman deserves. Made for people with flare, finesse and a sense of style yet always designed with comfort in mind.

Our Collections

The collections consists of all hand crafted camisoles, slip dresses, mesh thongs, string thongs, full panties, coulettes and bras from Bustier with inner bras, demi bras to the very special soft bras made to support you during your restful night. For women that want to feel intimately beautiful all the time. Dulcenea will fit and feel as a second skin designed with elegant laces, mesh and cottons to reach that euphoria of perfection. Let Dulcenea give you that presence that will inspire you to feel and look intimately prefect.

True beauty comes from the inside.....

Welcome to Dulcenea

© Anel Utajara

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